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About BH Electric Co. - CNY

Your one-stop shop for all your Electrical needs. BH Electric Co. is dedicated to top service and maximum safety. Our mission is to make it as simple as the flip of a switch for our clients. Let us take care of the rest.

BH Electric Co. was founded by Brandon Hayes in 2019. He has an Electrical Engineering degree from Alfred State but took the trade route of the electrical industry by being immersed in the electrical trade and getting hands-on experience, which meant that he was able to see how difficult and complicated it can be trying to get multiple contractors under one roof. Brandon started the company because he saw a need for an electrical company to be able to be a turnkey solution by handling everything from site work for an electrical project to the sizing and design of a project.


A long-time resident of the area, Brandon's father owns and operates a telecommunication company in the Ithaca area and after 30+ years is still passionate about his profession, which is what Brandon has always strived for in his own career.

At BH Electric Co., we take pride in our profession and strive to offer our customers a complete solution for their commercial and residential electrical needs. We believe in providing the highest quality and the most cost-effective solutions with excellent service.

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